Our Helicopter

Central QLD is a unique environment. A lot of our community lives rurally and this brings unique challenges that aren’t faced by any other parts of the country — especially in emergencies. That’s why we operate a mixed ambulance helicopter fleet comprising the Bell 412 and the AW139. Between them, they can handle tropical weather patterns, mountains, oceans, islands, natural disasters, residential areas and everything in between.


This twin-engine emergency helicopter is equipped with a dual digital automatic flight control system and has multiple seating configuration options to accommodate the specific needs of a mission. Reliable, rugged and ready to go 24/7.

Flight Equipment

  • Aircraft tracking technology
  • Autopilot
  • Weather Radar/ Storm scope
  • Communication and Navigation radios to enable IFR flight including HF radio
  • Cockpit voice recorder
  • Flight data recorder
  • Helicopter Terrain and warning system
  • Airframe health and usage monitoring system
  • Engine monitoring systems
  • Airframe/ engine vibration monitoring system



Role Equipment

  • Rescue Winch (250 ft Cable/ 270kg (Two person)/ Variable speed)
  • Cargo Hook with Fire Fighting bucket capability
  • Night searchlight
  • Night vision device
  • Beacon Homer

Medical Equipment

(supplied by the Medical Crew)

  • QAS trauma kit
  • Medical Oxygen (2 x “D” size cylinders)
  • Vital signs monitor with Defibrillator (Lifepak 12)
  • Ventilation (Oxylog 100)
  • Syringe Driver (Braun Compact) & mounting for second syringe driver
  • Mounting for IVAC
  • Electric powered medical suction inlets/ outlets
  • Intravenous equipment
  • 2x patient stretcher systems
  • Ability to transport a neonatal intensive care cot
  • 12 volt power outlets
  • High intensity adjustable field of work medical lighting suitable to night flying
  • Purpose built medical storage areas

Emergency Service Communication Equipment 

  • Marine VHF High Band Radio
  • QAS/ QFRS VHF Low Band Radio
  • QPS/ CB/ Rural Fire UHF Band Radio
  • Digital Mobile Phone

RACQ Helicopter Capabilities

All the figures below should be taken as a guide only and the crew always contacted before an agency decides on the suitability of an RACQ CapRescue helicopter for the task.

Maximum Range without refuel: Up to 200nm
Normal cruise speed (No winch fitted): Up to 125 kts
Maximum number of seated passengers: 6
Maximum number of stretchers: 2
Overall Aircraft size (rotors turning): 17.10m
Rotor Diameter: 14.01m