25th Anniversary Appeal

“It was 1987 in Western Queensland, when a little boy—our boy—seven-years-old, was hit by a truck. He was in a coma and 1000 km away from the care he needed. An executive jet and a recovery team delivered to us what was a miracle.

It was a few years later in the early 1990s when I thought ‘why not’ a rescue chopper? I can see it now—big area, the sea, the mines, the bush, the need. So much needed to be done and so many elements and people brought together. Rotary, politicians, local media, business plans, generosity, pledges, progress, setbacks, ‘hard ball’, ‘soft ball’, criticism, support—but in the end of what was the beginning, it was you, the community who drove it home.

My dream became your dream, then a reality. It was you, the community who took ownership and started something that not only mattered but has delivered.”

John Bavea
Founding Chair and Life Member


It was 25 years ago that John’s dream of a Rescue Helicopter in our region became a reality. For the Capricorn region it has meant a first-class, aero-medical retrieval and search and rescue service is on call- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – free of charge.

From inter hospital transfers, to rural incidents, motor vehicle accidents, and floods, RACQ CapRescue has always and will always continue to be there for you.

Today we are asking for your help. Currently over $10 million is required annually to fund our life saving service, which we continue to provide FREE to those we rescue.

We are grateful for the 60% contributed by the Queensland Government, but we must rely on our wonderful community to also support us financially.

Make a tax-deductible donation today and know you will be the hero in this story.