Fundraising Events

Ready to help save lives? Hold your own fundraising event and support our search and rescue service.

We can’t fly without you. We’re not saying that to flatter you, we’re saying that because it’s true. The community we serve contributes more than 50% of our funding. This happens through sponsorships, donations and community events.

If you’re thinking of holding your own fundraising event for RACQ CapRescue, then – thank you!

We’re deeply grateful. We’re also confident you’ll find raising funds for our search and rescue service a rewarding experience. If you want some help, our fundraising team is available to lend skills and expertise. We can provide you with a detailed Fundraising Toolkit and all the resources you need to ensure your event is successful and enjoyable for everyone.

5 ways to pick your ideal fundraiser

You and your fundraiser should be a match made in heaven. Ensuring your fundraising idea and you are a good match is important. Why? Because it makes it far more likely you’ll enjoy the event and this positive energy will impact everyone who helps out. And everyone who attends. And everyone who relies on RACQ CapRescue.

Having a good time can literally save lives!

Just as there are so many fantastic charities to donate to, so too are there many different types of fundraisers. That often means it can be difficult to work out which type is the best fit for you. So here are 5 tips for picking the ideal fundraiser for you.

  1. Choose the best fundraising idea to suit your group or situation, but make sure it’s something you’re personally enthusiastic about. Aim for a fundraising event that requires minimal effort for maximum outcome.
    Brainstorm ideas with your fundraising committee, see what tasks others prepared to take on and their willingness to work with you on the fundraising project.
  2. Brainstorm ideas with your fundraising committee, see what tasks others prepared to take on and their willingness to work with you on the fundraising project.
  3. Be aware of other community events within the region that might compete with your fundraiser and affect the overall outcome of your event. Try to pick dates where there are few or no other events happening to maximise your fundraising chances. Check your local council or tourism events calendars for more information. Also be mindful of public holidays which may hinder attendance at an event.
  4. Call us for a discussion with our fundraising team. They’re available to lend skills and experience to ensure your fundraising event is a success. We will provide you with a detailed Fundraising Toolkit and plenty of resources – kind of like your own virtual committee.
  5. Use one of our suggestions – we know the tried and tested events that are successful. How about: Afternoon/ morning team, Auction, BBQ/ Sausage Sizzle, Bike ride, Cake sale, Chocolate drive, Colouring-in competitions, Create a cookbook, Expeditions, Fun runs, Fishing competition, Golf days, Karaoke night, Lawn bowls, Raffle, or a Trivia night.

Hot tips to boost your fundraising

  • Encourage your family, friends, customers and clients to donate. Remember to tell them about why the fundraiser is important.
  • Ask your local businesses to donate venues, prizes, and services. Offer businesses acknowledgement leading up to and at the event for their support.
  • Set a target! This will provide clarity of purpose. Aiming high can be a great motivator for you and your supporters.
  • Add an email signature to the bottom of your emails with a link to the event website or our website.
  • Thank your supporters! Gratitude is always good. Let them know that you are grateful for their donation no matter how big or small.
  • Promote the event on social media.
  • Upload the event to your local council website or local online event calendar.
  • Create and distribute a media release.
  • Create a website for people to purchase tickets.
  • Create and distribute flyers/posters (via email, Facebook and in person).

Become a social media mogul

Using social media to promote your fundraising event is a great way to spread the word and encourage people to jump on board with your fundraiser. It also provides a platform from which you can keep your supporters and participants up to date with your event.

Check out our tips for getting the best bang for your buck on social media.

  • Create an event and get your friends, family and sponsors to share it on their pages. Be sure to share the event on community pages and notice boards.
  • Keep your followers updated by posting regularly. This will keep them interested and allow others to see the event.
  • Use images that are eye-catching and relevant in all of your posts. Eye-catching but not relevant? Not so good.
  • Create a social media competition e.g. Like, Tag & Share competition.
  • Don’t forget to tag us in everything! Use our Twitter handle @caprescue or our Facebook and Instagram hashtag #CapRescue.