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Our community needs you to StepUp.


We provide an essential service, but we can’t do it alone. It’s only with the help of our volunteers that we can serve the Central QLD region. Volunteering is an opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives, help create a more connected community and build friendships.

We have an amazing team of volunteers who would love you to join them. And there are always plenty of volunteer opportunities if you have time to pitch in and give us a hand.

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StepUp and make a difference to your community

The StepUp CapRescue Volunteers program is designed to create stronger, more connected communities. This happens thanks to the engagement of volunteers in the regions we service. Community engagement is vital if we’re going to keep our service in the air and free of charge.

Why do we need a volunteer program?

RACQ CapRescue has a proud history of working with volunteers across Queensland to keep the service operating. As our organisation and fundraising endeavours grow, so does the need for volunteers.

We host and support dozens of events each year. These events occur across our region and usually require a team of more than three volunteers per event. We’ll be honest – the volunteer duties can be quite demanding and require volunteers who are physically capable of carrying out challenging tasks. We cannot continue to attend and host such events with the number of volunteers we currently have.

Where to from here?

Our vision is to recruit a solid team of Queensland volunteers who are dedicated to both our organisation and their community.

  • Offer flexible roles that fit around commitments of family, work and social priorities.
  • Encourage family, youth and corporate volunteering.
  • Communicate and market the benefits described by Dr Megan Paull​, senior lecturer at Murdoch University. Dr Paull advises that people benefit significantly from volunteering, increasing their skills, happiness, health, self-confidence and awareness of the world.

Our Partner

Thiess is the naming rights partner for the StepUp CapRescue Volunteers program.  Thiess is the world’s largest mining services provider. Thiess believes community outcomes and positive social performance are achieved through integrity, understanding and recognition of community values. Thiess creates and delivers significant social benefits through local employment and training, local procurement, community engagement and Indigenous affairs.

Our partnership with Thiess ensures the StepUp CapRescue Volunteer program creates stronger, more connected communities. With the support of Thiess, we can recruit a dedicated team of volunteers who will strive to meet our vision.

How do I get involved?

Are you interested in volunteer work and joining our team of Capricorn helicopter rescue volunteers? Click here for more information on how to be part of StepUp CapRescue Volunteers, supported by Thiess.