BMA Blackwater Mine and CapRescue Flying Into 2022

BMA Blackwater Mine was one of the very first companies to come on board as a sponsor of RACQ CapRescue, a gesture that 25 years on we are still incredibly grateful for.

Over the years, the partnership between CapRescue and BMA has gone from strength to strength, having a significant impact on the Central Highlands community.

With BMA’s support, CapRescue has played an integral role in strengthening the regional health network across Central Queensland by providing an essential, world class aerial search and rescue service with full aeromedical and counter disaster capabilities.

During 2021 alone over a quarter of our yearly missions occurred in the Central Highlands region; leaving our crew bracing for a busy 2022 as new aircraft enables a faster response to more patients across a larger rescue region.

As we launch into 2022, CapRescue is as grateful as ever of the High Altitude Partner who have continued to support our essential service. Operations Manager Kirsty Wooler says “With a service area of 350,000km2, including almost 300,000 residents, many vulnerable and isolated communities rely upon CapRescue. And in turn we rely on the support of our major partners to provide essential revenue to ensure that our lifesaving rescue service continues to be on standby 24/7.

We have a long history with BMA which is certainly worthy of celebration, however it is the support that they continue to provide that is most crucial to our service right now. We are confident that both CapRescue and the Central Queensland community can rely on BMA as we launch into 2022.”