Dramatic tale leaves a lasting mark

In October 2015, the life of then 3 year old Skye White and her family took a dramatic turn when the curiosity and enthusiasm of a toddler had horrific results. Skye’s mother, Mandy White, recounts the experience and expresses her deep gratitude for services like RACQ CapRescue.

The incident occurred on the White family’s property, where Mandy was tending to a newly arrived horse and had instructed Skye to stand outside the yard.

“I had my back turned to Skye while I was feeding the horse,” Mandy recalls. “I felt the horse surge over my shoulder and thought it was his nervous behaviour. However when I checked to see where Skye was and saw her getting up from the ground, I immediately knew she’d been kicked. She had a deep cut from her eye to her hairline and her right side of her face was starting to sag with a lot of blood.”

Mandy’s husband quickly came to their aid, and they called 000 while trying to calm Skye and stop the bleeding. Skye began to drift in and out of consciousness. The Marlborough ambulance road team arrived quickly, stabilising and preparing Skye for transport. The aeromedical crew landed in the front yard and took over with remarkable efficiency and compassion.

“Skye wouldn’t go in the helicopter alone, so they accommodated us by letting me lie on the stretcher with her on top. I was terrified she might die and hoped the chopper would reach the hospital quickly,” Mandy said.
Upon arrival at the hospital, Skye was immediately taken into emergency surgery.

“The kick had marginally missed her skull, and whilst she required numerous internal and external stitches, we were sent home with Skye recovering well.”

Reflecting on the ordeal, Mandy shares, “It was life-changing and traumatic for me. The scar on Skye’s face is a constant reminder of that day.”

Skye, however, does not remember the incident and has not developed any fears of horses. The family does ensure that the children always wear helmets these days when they saddle up.

“I’m so grateful Skye is with us today and I can’t thank her rescuers enough for their kindness and professionalism. We would definitely encourage people to donate to a service that makes a real difference in rural Queensland.”