CapRescue Q&A: RACQ

With a region as big as Central QLD, having a rapid-response helicopter rescue service is absolutely vital. To run this service requires financial backing. We’re deeply fortunate to have some great partnerships with organisations that want to help our community. We sat down with one of our closest partners, RACQ, to learn more about who they are and why they support our mission.


1. Hi, it’s great to sit down and chat. Can you tell us about RACQ and where you’re located?

RACQ has been supporting Queenslanders on and off the road for more than 115 years. We started as a road safety advocate, and then moved into roadside assistance and insurance, before we more recently launched our RACQ Bank. We’re proudly Queensland-based and have branches and teams all across our great state to stay connected with our more than 1.7 million members.

2. What do you specialise in?

We provide assistance, insurance and banking services to Queenslanders, while also proudly supporting the wider community through our sponsorships program, which includes RACQ CapRescue and our RACQ Air Rescue Network

Our Education team visits schools and communities right across the State, educating Queenslanders of all ages on how they can stay safe on the roads. They also help high school students learn how to manage their money so they feel prepared as they move into the next phase of their lives.

3. Why have you chosen to support RACQ CapRescue?

We’ve been supporting RACQ CapRescue since 2001 and over these years it has continued to deliver important, life-saving support to central Queenslanders. We’re so glad we can be here to help Queenslanders when they need us, both on the road as well as in the air.

4. Are you involved in the community in any other way?

Through our RACQ Foundation, we’re there to help Queensland communities get back on their feet providing grants and support to community groups doing it tough through natural disasters or the recent COVID-19 pandemic. In the past year we’ve been able to provide more than $1 million to help local organisations recover.

5. What’s one interesting thing that other people may not know about you?

Our team is nearly 100 percent Queensland based, with just five staff working interstate. We’re proud to be Queenslanders!