Student Volunteer Q & A

Student – Stefani Seumanu 

What school are you from?
Tannum Sands State High School

Why did you choose to complete a Certificate II in Volunteer?
I have always been keen to try volunteering. I enjoy trying new things and think I have what it takes to successfully complete the course.

Have you ever volunteered before?
I haven’t volunteered for an organisation, but I have volunteered at my local football club selling raffle tickets.

Why did you choose to volunteer with RACQ CapRescue?
I chose to volunteer with RACQ CapRescue because I find the work they do inspirational.

What are you looking forward to most about volunteering with RACQ CapRescue?
I am looking forward to learning new skills and qualifications. I am excited to volunteer at the Colour Run.

What skills/experiences/knowledge/values, etc. do you think you will get out of volunteering or what have you already learnt?
I am more excited to gain my Certificate II at the end of this course, but I am most looking forward to meeting with other volunteers and learning from their own personal experiences.

What do you think CapRescue means to the community and why is it important for us to have a volunteer program?
CapRescue stands as a beacon of hope for the community. I think it is important for people to know and understand that someone will always be there for them during times of need. I think that it’s important to have a volunteer program because I believe that it strengthens our community. Volunteers are also exposed to other people who share the same interests and values as you.

Why do you think National Student Volunteer Week is important?
I think National Student Volunteer Week is important because students can develop life skills and become more well-rounded individuals. I believe that volunteering helps students become more competent and employable as volunteering can help to open many new learning pathways and opportunities.


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