Students Learn The Value of Volunteering

In 2022, RACQ CapRescue saw its StepUp CapRescue Youth Volunteer program grow and excel beyond expectations with the help of students from the Rockhampton Grammar School (RGS).

Cindy Murray, Head of Vocational Education and Training at RGS, initiated the partnership at the beginning of the year. “As part of our Year 10 Pastoral Care program, we started a Certificate II in Active Volunteering,” Cindy stated. The students ere encouraged to complete their practical volunteer component of the course with RACQ CapRescue.

Since stepping up in April, the RGS students have donated over 250 volunteer hours. The students have attended multiple fundraising events across the region and have assisted with administration duties at the CapRescue Hangar.

“There are so many opportunities to become involved with CapRescue. As the students started volunteering, they soon discovered how much they loved it! They jumped at the chance to be able to support CapRescue and to engage with their communities,” Cindy stated. “It then became this natural progression that just seemed to grow.”

In August, the RGS students paid a visit to the CapRescue hangar to meet the crew, check out the helicopters and learn more about the important role the Service plays within the community. The RACQ CapRescue team saw this as a great opportunity to say thank you and to understand why they chose to volunteer.

Here’s what they had to say when asked a few questions:

Why do you think volunteering is important to your community?

“With volunteering, you don’t only help the community, it’s also self-satisfaction once you finish. You know you helped the community and it’s a good feeling. And you get to meet people with the same interests as you, so yeah, I think volunteering is pretty important.”

Why did you choose to volunteer for RACQ CapRescue?

“Working so close with [an organisation] that is a really big part of our community and being able to help fundraise for them and support them going forward was important to me.”

“It’s a good cause and it’s in Rockhampton. We see it go by every day when we’re at school.”

What did you enjoy most about volunteering at RACQ CapRescue?

“I enjoyed helping people, making new friends and bonding with everyone in my year group that I wouldn’t normally.”

Why do you think RACQ CapRescue is important to your community?

“If you’re stuck and need some help it’s always there.”

“In emergencies, not everyone can drive to the cities with better medical facilities. Having a helicopter there is really good, especially in remote areas.”

The RGS students have been a fantastic asset by giving up valuable time throughout the year. RACQ CapRescue is very much looking forward to continuing its partnership with Rockhampton Grammar School in future years.