Central Queensland “backyard” keeps RACQ CapRescue busy!

As many of us have been out and enjoying the school holidays and our incredible backyard, RACQ CapRescue always encourages you to be safe and prepared. In our region of over 350,000 km2, your local Helicopter Rescue service is on call if things take a turn for the worst, thanks to the community’s support.
Recently Rescue300 had been tasked to several locations around our area where different activities have residents out and about.
One Saturday morning, the crew were called to Kirkwood near Gladstone to attend to a mountain biker who had a severe accident while riding with friends. Upon arrival at the scene, Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) Paramedics stabilised the patient, who had suspected spinal injuries. After conducting a thorough assessment of the area, it was determined that a winch retrieval was required. The Rescue Crewman and Critical Care Paramedic were wired down to assess and package the patient, and all returned to the aircraft. They then transported the man to the Rockhampton Base Hospital, where he underwent further scans and treatment before being taken to Brisbane for more specialised treatment.
Another favourite Central Queensland pastime, the beaches of Great Keppel Island, saw CapRescue heading offshore. They were to retrieve a female patient in her late 30s and her daughter, aged 6 years old, after reports that both were suffering severe pain from a suspected Irukandji marine sting. Upon landing, the onboard medical team stabilised both patients for air transport to Rockhampton Hospital for further treatment.
From inland to the ocean and everywhere in between, RACQ CapRescue is here for the 300,000+ residents 24/7, 365 days a year.