July Rescues Across CQ

In July, RACQ CapRescue once again showcased its unwavering commitment to saving lives and providing crucial aeromedical support to the Central Queensland community. From responding to accidents and medical emergencies to participating in community events, the Rescue300 crew demonstrated their dedication and expertise.

Early in the morning on the 3rd of July, CapRescue responded to a single-vehicle accident south of St Lawrence. Upon arrival, emergency services were already on the scene, and a man in his 20s had been extricated from the vehicle. The onboard medical crew stabilised him, and he was transported to a nearby location for Rescue300 to land. The patient received further treatment and was taken to Rockhampton Hospital for follow-up care.

In a task that required precision and speed, Rescue300 travelled to Lady Musgrave Island on the 11th of July to assist a male patient in his sixties suffering from suspected decompression sickness after a late-afternoon dive. The onboard medical team provided stabilisation before flying the patient to Gladstone, where he could receive specialised treatment in Brisbane.

The third weekend of the month proved demanding for the Rescue300 crew, with multiple tasks across the vast 350,000 km2 region. Responding to a motor vehicle accident near Clairview, the team stabilised a male patient in his sixties with suspected abdominal injuries, transporting him to Rockhampton Hospital for further treatment. Later, they attended a single-vehicle accident north of 1770, despite their best efforts, the driver was pronounced deceased on the scene. Throughout the weekend, the crew conducted interfacility transfers to Thangool and Gladstone to deliver patients to Rockhampton Hospital for specialised care.

On the last day of the month, as Central Queensland’s community engaged in various events like Rockhampton River Festival, Winterfest Biloela, Yeppoon Running Festival, and the Gladstone Community Open Day, CapRescue remained on high alert. The Rescue300 crew transported patients from locations such as Heron Island, Yeppoon, Emerald, and Theodore, ensuring that the rescue helicopter covered the entire region.

With their commitment and professionalism, CapRescue demonstrated in July that they are always ready to serve the community, 24/7, 365 days a year. Their dedication to saving lives, responding to emergencies, and providing aeromedical support makes them an invaluable asset to Central Queensland. The community can rest assured that CapRescue will continue to be there whenever and wherever they are needed.

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