Patient Story - Laraine Walters

Recalled by her daughter Kim Walters

Kim Walters, our Communications & Engagement Officer, shares her story about why she is so passionate about working at RACQ CapRescue.

Some people have an “inspiration board” or a “vision wall” at work, pinned beside my computer is a simple white A4 sheet with a table displaying what could be mistaken for a flight itinerary. But it’s just two sections that I’ve highlighted that give this spreadsheet meaning: Sunday, 5 August 2007 – Adult Female 1.  That’s my Mum – and the task log that shows when her life was saved by RACQ CapRescue.

Our family were travelling back from Blackwater after attending a beautiful christening. As we passed through Dingo, we were unfortunate to cross paths with a vehicle coming the opposite direction that veered onto our side of the road. There was nowhere for us to go. What followed was an incredible display of humanity, as travellers coming across our scene helped us from a burning vehicle, while others called for emergency services.

Obviously, this day had an impact on our lives both good and bad.

But we had family and friends that rallied and lifted our spirits and we had amazing care from the Rockhampton Hospital, where our bodies began to mend.

My Mum has since celebrated her 70th birthday – timely with my appointment to a position at RACQ CapRescue. I have worked in not-for-profit roles before – when I told Mum I was joining the team here, she said “I always thought you’d end up there”.

Because of RACQ CapRescue, she has had the opportunity to see her children get married, her grandchildren grow, to embrace life with new friends and hobbies and to enjoy retirement with my Dad.

Now August 5th has a different meaning – it’s ‘Glad You Didn’t Die Day’ – a gathering of our family each year that always makes us laugh and remember and appreciate one another.

RACQ CapRescue didn’t just rescue my Mum that day – they gave us time – for every day after our family has had with her  – and we can’t thank them enough.