Patient Story – Riley Tomlin

Patient Rescue – Riley Tomlin recalls

Riley Tomlin, an experienced Stockman with Hewitt Cattle Australia, was working on Pegunny Station when he was involved in a serious accident resulting in life threatening injuries.

Riley recalls “I was mustering on my motorbike when a beast broke away from the mob so I went to chase it.  Not knowing the country, I guess I’ve come off. I upended the motorbike a couple of times and it landed on top of my right thigh. It punctured and cut a few arteries.”

Riley didn’t remember the initial injury or how he did it, but he knew it was bad.

Riley’s workmates at the stock camp were quick to respond, using their skills and training in first aid and calling RACQ CapRescue by setting off the SOS signal on their satellite tracking device.

Company Director Ben Hewitt says the device that was used to ultimately notify RACQ CapRescue is a company wide initiative, with every employee receiving one.

The RACQ CapRescue crew praised the device which simply was designed to send a GPS signal of the exact location, as well as modes such as ‘OK’ and ‘Need help’, and ‘SOS’.

There was an emotional toll on everybody there that day and even now the memory of how close they came to losing Riley’s life stays with the close knit family business.So much so, Hewitt Cattle Company thought it was important to show their gratitude and recognise RACQ CapRescue through a donation.

In the days following the accident, Riley recalls feeling more at ease with the situation than those that couldn’t be by his side.

“After being in hospital for a day or so, I knew I was coming out of it, for those that weren’t in the loop it was a bit harder.”

Riley’s parents live in the Hunter Valley and it had been over 12 months since he had seen them. Being unable to see his family was hard on both Riley and them, however the support provided by Hewitt Cattle Australia and RACQ CapRescue helped reassure Riley’s family that he was in good hands and on the road to recovery.

“RACQ CapRescue were phenomenal, they got me to hospital in one piece and alive, which is more than anyone could ask for with the severity of the injury. There would be a lot more lives lost if there wasn’t people around like them”.

Riley has since fully recovered from his injuries and is working for Hewitt Cattle Australia as head stockman at Pony Hills Station, but he hasn’t forgotten the crew “worth their weight in gold”.