RACQ CapRescue Deliver in Flood Relief

In May the sunshine state saw its fair share of rain. As a result, the RACQ CapRescue crew were called on to retrieve a patient who was carrying a “plus one”.

On Friday 13th May Rescue300 was tasked by Queensland Health to attend Agnes Water where it was reported a lady in her 30’s was going into labour at home.

The mother, Priscilla Uhr, had planned on travelling to Bundaberg for the birth of her second child, however due to flooding, the town had been completely cut off from surrounding areas.

When the contractions started, the family made the decision to drive to the local ambulance station.

“We got there and the [paramedics] suggested we just stay at the station and birth there. But we weren’t too comfortable with that,” Says Ms Uhr.

Wanting a more suitable birthing area, the couple were able to find solace at Ms Uhr’s surf instructor’s home, with the Queensland Ambulance Paramedics (QAP) by their side.

As the weather and flooding continued to cause concern and road crews were immobilised, RACQ CapRescue took to the skies. Rescue300 landed at the local sports field to retrieve the patient who had given birth to a healthy baby girl shortly before their arrival.

Here they were able to meet with the QAP in attendance and the Queensland Police who had secured an area for landing.

The on-board medical team assessed both mother and newborn and they were flown to Gladstone Hospital for further observation.

“The helicopter ride was a bonus,” Ms Uhr said.

“The sunset was incredible, and it was a really beautiful experience to end everything with.”