Be safe when exploring our region these holidays

Since January 2021, Rescue300 has responded to one mission each month* involving activated beacons, boating incidents or missing persons at sea. The importance of carrying a correctly registered EPIRB is immense, with it often meaning the difference between life and death.

When in their correct working order, Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon or EPIRB’s, are a lifesaving device used to locate the precise position of someone in serious distress or a life-threatening situation. However, for these beacons to be used correctly, they require appropriate storage, correct contact information registered, and undergo regular services. Failure to do so can mean costly consequences for emergency services.

With the same principle going for personal locating beacons, avid hikers often finding themselves disorientated on even the more popular hiking trails in the region depend on an accurate and reliable means of communication.

Rescue Crew Officer, Garth Snaidero, says it’s not just boaties that need to be prepared this summer.

“The unfortunate truth is that we see it all too often, ill-prepared boaties set out for a day on the water without sufficient means of communication.

It’s a common trend we also see with hikers and bush walkers alike. By letting someone know when you’re due to return, carrying some form of communication and location device can mean the difference between a positive or dire result.” Mr Snaidero said.

*As of November 2021