Rural Rescues on the Rise

Our statistics show that rural rescues steadily inclined across 2021, resulting in a 12% increase during October to December compared with the same period last year.

In October, Rescue300 were tasked to a serious incident involving a tractor on a rural property south of Springsure. A patient in his fifties was using his tractor to remove fencing wire when his leg became caught in the Power Take-Off (PTO), causing significant damage to his lower limb. Even in that moment, the patient had the presence of mind to reverse the winch which led to him freeing himself and driving back to the homestead where he applied a torniquet to his leg and called for help.

As they touched down at the property, the RACQ CapRescue flight crew and onboard medical staff were met by QAS Paramedics, QPS Officers and QFES personnel – all providing initial treatment to the patient. The man promptly received further care and stabilisation for the flight from our Critical Care Paramedic and Doctor before being transported to Rockhampton Hospital where he underwent surgery.