Serious Accident at Gogango

Following the arrival to the serious scene of a single motor vehicle accident recently, the onboard RACQ CapRescue crew prepared themselves for what they would be met with.

Tasked to an area west of Gogango, on the Capricorn Highway, a vehicle carrying two men experienced a rollover after leaving the road above a culvert. It was reported the vehicle became airborne for some 50 meters after leaving the road before striking a concrete wing of the culvert, then subsequently flipping multiple times before coming to rest on its roof.

One of the two men involved managed to free himself from the wreckage with minor injuries. The second passenger remained trapped in the vehicle for a short period of time before Queensland Police and Queensland Fire and Rescue Service arrived at the scene.

The patient was extricated from the wreck safely before he was treated by Queensland Ambulance Service Paramedics on the scene for a suspected fractured arm as well as internal injuries.

The patient was stabilised at the scene before he was flown to Rockhampton Hospital where he underwent further scans and treatment.

Rescue300 crews say both men were extremely lucky to have escaped serious and potentially fatal injuries from what was a very serious accident.