Soaring to new heights in 2023

For RACQ CapRescue, the start of 2023 has been like no other.

The increased need for the service has been unmistakable, with many residents throughout the region commenting about the familiar sound of the Rescue300 helicopter overhead.

Operations Manager Kirsty Wooler confirmed that with approximately 40 more rescues than this time in 2022, the daily average had increased to 1.4 tasks per day.

“It appears that Rescue300 heading to the skies 50 times in January at an operational cost of $1.1 million, set the scene for what the year would bring,” Ms Wooler said.

In 2023 alone, the aeromedical helicopter has completed a staggering 150 inter-hospital transfers.

Whilst the crew’s most common mission is transporting patients from facilities, the more remote and challenging rescues reaffirm the importance of our life-saving service.

CapRescue has attended multiple rural property accidents involving livestock and equipment. Motor Vehicle accidents remain a confronting portion of the crew’s responsibilities as well as marine and bush rescues.

Air Crew Officer David Paterson confirmed that some jobs did present a more significant risk, but the team are extensively trained to handle it, and they feel privileged to hold the positions they do.

“The more challenging parts can include winching from inside gorges, off moving boats, situations where people are in real danger, and the rescue is more dynamic,” said Mr Paterson.

“I consider myself extremely lucky to come to work each day and help people at the same time. The RACQ CapRescue Service plays a vital role in looking after the community. It’s a big area, 350,000km2, and to get into those areas and bring people back to the care they require is a good thing.”

Recently the community were called upon to donate to the Annual Appeal, and the service is more than grateful that the target of $150,000 was reached. With over 250 rescues in 2023 already, RACQ CapRescue will continue to need the support of Central Queensland to ensure this lifesaving service can continue. Together we can continue to make a real difference.