CQ Today – A Word from the Manager

By David Richardson

General manager, CQ Today

“CQ Today is an independent community newspaper that publishes each Thursday. We were born out of the need to supply a reliable newspaper service to this region.

While there has been talk about the demise of the newspaper industry for nearly a decade, our business and that of other independent publishers has proven that a trusted and reliable news service that focuses on the local community is still needed. We don’t profess to be the first to broadcast the local news, but we can be trusted to supply a balanced and realistic view of what affects the communities we serve. Our aim is to provide a source of information that concentrates on what is happening where you live and encompassing all the region.

Our first edition was published on August 27, 2020, and with the support of the readers and advertisers over the last 12 months for our newspaper, we have been able to supply a strong weekly product. Our team is producing an average of over 120 pages of content each week and our next goal is to become bi-weekly and have two editions available to our readers each week.

CQ Today are based in Rockhampton and employ eight staff locally as well as two employees based in Gladstone. In July of this year, we launched our weekly newspaper Gladstone Today into the Gladstone Region. Like CQ Today our content is locally focused.

We, like our readers, feel proud of where we live and how strong our communities are. In these ever-changing times I hope that we can provide information that will help to recognise, build pride, and strengthen our communities’ ties through all the generations living here.

We support our region through sponsorships and content support, we see our role as promoting all the local businesses, local groups and service clubs that provide a valuable and at times unrecognized service. CQ Today are supporters and very firm believers of RACQ CapRescue. As a new local business, we were happy to support this valuable service and would encourage all businesses in Central Queensland to become a supporter.

In times of need, we are grateful that there is an efficient service that can save lives through a rapid response and provide critical care to the residents in this strong region. While on the one hand you hope you and your family never have the need to use RACQ CapRescue, we are certainly glad that it exists to serve our communities.

This service is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year and through all weather conditions. Due to their quick response to emergencies, their experienced team have helped save lives in Central Queensland.”