Emergency services keep CQ safe

In January, RACQ CapRescue were tasked to multiple missions across the region that highlighted our important relationship with the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS). For many of our tasks, QAS are first on the scene and are able to provide initial medical treatment that can sometimes be the difference between life or death. This is followed by further treatment, stabilization, and a transfer to the appropriate health facility by our Rescue300 crew, which can often be hours away by road. Working together with QAS, particularly in remote regions, is necessary to ensure we can keep the people of Central Queensland safe.

On the afternoon of January 13th, RACQ CapRescue was tasked by Queensland Health to attend a patient in their sixties who had suffered injuries after the vehicle he was changing a tire on reportedly slipped off the jack, crushing the patient. The patient was able to free himself from under the vehicle and drive to a nearby camp reserve to seek assistance.

Upon arrival at the scene, the patient had been attended by QAS Paramedics. The onboard Rescue300 Doctor and Critical Care Paramedic (CCP) further examined the patient and treated him for suspected rib injuries. He was then stabilised for transport to Rockhampton Base Hospital for further scans and treatment.

Early on January 18th, Queensland Health tasked Rescue300 to the scene of a single motorbike accident on the Marlborough-Sarina Road, near Clarke Creek. The 56-year-old patient reportedly collided with a kangaroo shortly after 6am this morning.

Upon arrival at the scene, the patient was initially being treated by QAS Paramedics with the assistance of Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and Queensland Police Service Officers. The onboard Flight Doctor and CCP assessed the patient who had sustained suspected internal injuries as well as upper body fractures.

The patient was initially treated and stabilised for flight and airlifted to Rockhampton Base Hospital in a serious but stable condition where he received further scans and treatment.

On the morning of January 27th, RACQ CapRescue was tasked to Calliope to retrieve a patient in their mid-30’s who had fallen from his motorbike and slid across the road before impacting a tree. QAS Paramedics provided initial treatment to the patient on scene before transporting them to the Calliope Show Grounds to meet Rescue300.

The man was treated for suspected spinal injuries by the on board CCP and Flight Doctor. He was then stabilised for flight to Rockhampton Base Hospital where he would receive further specialist care. The patient was in a stable condition throughout the flight.

Rescue300 received a call after 6pm on the January 31st when it was reported a young man was working in the cattle yards of a property when he was suddenly rammed into the steel fence railings by a bull. The teenage patient sustained serious injuries to his upper leg and pelvis from the incident.

Three QAS vehicles were in attendance prior to Rescue300’s arrival.

He was treated on scene by the helicopter’s onboard Doctor and CCP for his injuries. He was immediately evacuated and airlifted to the Rockhampton Base Hospital in a serious but stable condition for further treatment.

All the Queensland Emergency service providers are amazing and work together to keep the people of this great state safe. In Central Queensland when the necessary health care is hours away, RACQ CapRescue are there – because a region this big, needs a fast response!