Rescue Story | October Spotlight

RACQ CapRescue crews have had cause for concern, after noting that the number of tasks for rural missions has steadily increased in 2021. The result is a remarkable 12% more property related incidents from the same period in previous years.

In October, Rescue300 were alerted of a serious incident involving a tractor and immediately tracked towards a rural property south of Springsure. A patient in his fifties was working on a tractor removing fencing wire when his leg became caught in the Power Take-Off (PTO), causing significant injury to his lower limb.

Even in that moment, the patient had the presence of mind to reverse the winch which allowed him to free himself and then drive back to the homestead where he applied a tourniquet to his leg and alerted emergency services.

Initial treatment was conducted by Queensland Ambulance Paramedics, Queensland Police Officers, and the Queensland Fire Service. Upon the arrival of Rescue300, the patient received further care and stabilisation from our Critical Care Paramedic and Doctor before being flown to Rockhampton Hospital where he underwent surgery.