April Rescue in Focus

RACQ CapRescue has responded to 25 tasks in the past 12 months involving riders falling from horses on remote properties across Central Queensland.

Often suffering serious injuries and hours from sufficient medical treatment, the Rescue300 crew provide the lifesaving link of medical care for these patients.

Early in April, the crew were tasked near Biloela to a 52 year old who had suffered suspected spinal and head injuries following a horse fall.

Given the potential severity of the incident, the patient remained at the scene until RACQ CapRescue arrived with the onboard medical team.

The Critical Care Paramedic and Doctor provided the vital treatment the patient required and stabilised them for the flight to Rockhampton Hospital.

Later in the month, Rescue300 were tasked to the Springsure airfield following a similar incident when a woman in her early twenties also fell from a horse.

Situated on a property hours from the hospital, via country roads, QAS paramedics were first to arrive at the scene and provide the initial treatment and stabilisation of the patient.

She was then transported a further 100km’s to the airstrip to meet our #Rescue300 crew.

Upon arrival at Rockhampton Hospital, both patients received scans to determine the severity of their conditions; a service that smaller, regional hospitals cannot always accommodate.

Thanks to the efficiency of RACQ CapRescue and accessibility of patients in remote areas, our rural community can rely on us when things go wrong, because we know a big region needs a fast response.