Patient Story - Aodhan McCann

Aodhan McCann recalls

Aodhan McCann grew up with the belief that if you fell off the horse you got straight back on. Only for Aodhan “the horse” was a collapsed parachute, 180 degree spins and a 50 foot plummet to the ground. But of course that didn’t stop him.

With over 150 jumps under his belt, Aodhan was someone that wasn’t afraid to push the limits. But on the 14th December 2012, his carefree attitude was tested.

“I had been skydiving and on my approach to land I had clipped one of my parachute canopy lines on the branch of a tree. The canopy collapsed and slung me into the ground. I hit hard and broke both ankles, my pelvis, my L4 L5 (spine), some ribs and lacerated my pancreas.”

His memories of the day are vague, however with the severity of Aodhan’s injuries it’s not surprising he remembers being in a great deal of pain.

“The (RACQ CapRescue) staff were amazing keeping me calm. I don’t remember too much… but when I woke up, I remember looking at one medic then over to the other and they said it’s going to be OK and told me we were nearly there.”

It was a long road to recovery for Aodhan, but he maintained a positive outlook and his carefree attitude changed to one of determination.

“Being fit and being positive helped me heal even when they were telling me I may not walk again, or they might have to amputate my right foot. I tried to not let it get to me and be positive – make jokes and stay involved in the morning check-up information.”

Aodhan’s family and friends rallied when he needed support. With his Mum & Dad by his bedside for the duration of his 60-day hospital stay and his friends helping in ways only true mates can.

“Some close friends travelled in each Tuesday to visit and towards the end would bring me steaks for dinner. Once out of hospital and my body could handle it, the boys used to pick me up in the wheelchair and take me to the pub which helped me stay sane.”

Aodhan now owns his own Nightclub and manages not only the running of the business but the limitations of his body.

“I am still very hands on with everything from daily operations to renovations. I also know my body a lot better now so know when I need to slow down or what I can and can’t do.”

He has not forgotten the service that saved his life that day, with RACQ CapRescue always top of mind when it comes to fundraising.

“Any donation box I always put all my change in and at the nightclub we have had two major fundraisers in support. I definitely understand the importance of this service.”