Better Together!

The team at CapRescue all agree that volunteering brings people together, it builds communities and creates a better society for everyone.

Delivered with the support of Thiess, a proud supporter of CapRescue since 2017 and the naming rights partner for the program, the StepUp CapRescue Volunteer program has created stronger connected communities within the Capricorn Region and surrounding areas, through the engagement of volunteering.

As a direct result of Thiess’ support of the StepUp CapRescue Volunteers program, there have been many positive outcomes for community benefit. These include:

  • A 300 per cent increase in the number of volunteers participating in the StepUp CapRescue Volunteer program from 2017-2022;
  • An increase in the number of students engaged in the Youth Volunteer program, with 18 students engaged, some completing a Certificate II in Active Volunteering and others working towards achieving The Duke of Edinburgh Award through the program
  • Volunteers support efforts to keep CapRescue operating, with 390 tasks completed by the service in 2021 including search and rescue missions, emergency retrievals and hospital transfers;
  • Ongoing engagement by Thiess employees with the StepUp CapRescue Volunteers program, including volunteering, touring the hangar facility and donating to the CapRescue Workplace Giving program;
  • More than $160,000 generated in 2021 through fundraising activities delivered by StepUp CapRescue volunteers.

In 2021, the StepUp CapRescue Volunteer Program supported by Thiess, hit a milestone recording its highest number of volunteer hours across a single year. Volunteers at CapRescue donated over 1,230 hours of their time, which according to the current volunteering QLD wage rate, equates to over $55,000 in value for CapRescue.

This is a dramatic increase from previous years and is a credit to the ongoing partnership with Thiess, the CapRescue volunteer coordinators, and the fantastic volunteers involved in the program.

With StepUp CapRescue volunteers and support from Thiess, CapRescue is changing communities for the better, proving they are better together.