Crew Safety Critical in Rescue

The safety of the RACQ CapRescue crew is always essential. They are often in situations that could put them at risk, whether it be mountains, bush, ocean or simply the roadside.

At times ensuring this can delay the response to victims. This was the case in a recent task attended by #Rescue300.

On the morning of August 10th, the Crew responded to a single vehicle accident in the vicinity of Raglan.

A B-Double Truck had left the highway and crossed railway lines, and the driver, a man in his late 20s, had suffered suspected head and spinal injuries.

The Queensland Ambulance and Queensland Fire & Rescue Services were on scene upon arrival at Rescue300.

Due to high voltage power lines, emergency crews were required to wait until it was safe to treat the patient.

When able to, the man was treated by the onboard Critical Care Paramedic and Doctor before being transported by air to Rockhampton hospital.

Our naming rights sponsor, RACQ, has also recently advocated for the safety of emergency and other responders with laws surrounding how Queenslanders drive around roadside incidents. For more on this story, check it out on the CQ Today website.