Celebrating 52 Lives in March!

In March, RACQ CapRescue proudly announces the successful rescue of 52 individuals. Behind each number is a real person, each with a story of hope. From daring rescues to moments of relief, each patient transported represents the heartbeat of our mission, the reason we soar higher and push harder every day.

The month started with a busy weekend, and after a whirlwind February, it seemed like there was no slowing down for the Rescue300 crew. CapRescue responded to two patients with suspected heart conditions and tended to a 19-month-old infant, remaining committed to keeping over 300,000 Central Queensland residents safe, from young to old and in diverse scenarios.

One of the most remarkable rescues conducted was the morning of the 28th of March; our crew rushed to Heron Island to assist a man in his 50s who encountered trouble while swimming. Thanks to the quick thinking of a fellow swimmer, the man was safely brought ashore, and immediate help was sought. Our onboard medical team worked tirelessly to stabilise the patient before airlifting him to Rockhampton Hospital for further medical attention.

As we all savoured our Easter break, our dedicated team was hard at work ensuring the safety and well-being of the people of Central Queensland. Across the four days, we were tasked eight times, responding to a mix of Interhospital Transfers and Primary emergencies.

In the early hours of Easter Saturday morning, #Rescue300 sprang into action, racing to Worthington Island to provide critical medical assistance to a man in his fifties who had been involved in an ATV accident. With suspected fractures and a possible head injury, our onboard medical team swiftly stabilised the patient before airlifting him to Rockhampton Hospital.

The challenges didn’t stop there. On Sunday morning, we were called to a rural property in Ambrose, where another man in his 50s had sustained crush injuries from a cow while working in a cattle yard. Working closely with Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) Personnel, we ensured the patient was stabilised for flight and transported him to Rockhampton Hospital for further scans and treatment.

The dedication of RACQ CapRescue knows no bounds. From inter-hospital transfers to primary emergencies, motor vehicle accidents and more, we remain steadfast in making a real difference in the community. Here’s to many more successful rescues and stories of hope in the months ahead!