Dust settles as CapRescue requires their own Emergency Response

It was a dramatic end to the School Holidays and long weekend for the employees and crew at RACQ CapRescue.

Monday afternoon, a driver allegedly lost control of his vehicle and after hitting a culvert, launched into the front door of the rescue office.

This time CapRescue were not called to assist as it was the hangar on Canoona Road that suffered the damage.

Operations Manager Kirsty Wooler, said the outcome could have been dire, with the possibility of very serious injuries.

“With both helicopters in the hangar, crew resting and staff packing for events, it was incredible that no one was harmed”, Ms Wooler said.

Currently the police are investigating the matter and the clean-up has begun.

Executive Office Mark Fewtrell assures Central Queensland that there will be no interruption to the lifesaving service delivered by RACQ CapRescue.

“The region can rely on Rescue300 to continue to fly, however the damage that has been done will come at a cost,” Mr Fewtrell said.

“We are grateful to the emergency service personnel that assisted us yesterday, however now we need to call on the community more than ever to help restore the hub from which our charity runs.”

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