Meet Krista, our Occupational Health and Hygiene Technician

Krista has joined us as our Occupational Health and Hygiene Technician. We think she is awesome and has so much to offer our team and your business. Find more about this new team member and our new profit-for-purpose business model.

Why did you choose to work for CapRescue?

Krista: ‘I’ve spent the last 4 years working as a technician in the Occupational Hygiene department of QAL where employees and many contractors have access to an outstanding team of Hygiene professionals. Fit testing for CapRescue WorkReady enables me to extend this level of service & education to businesses who may not otherwise have access to it.

The profit-for-purpose business model means that every fit test we perform not only helps to safeguard the participant, but it helps to keep our helicopters in the air, which means CapRescue can be there for you on your worst day.’

You have a passion for fit testing. Could you tell us why?

Krista: ‘I love fit testing. Our goal is to protect workers’ health by ensuring the respirator or the hearing protector– the last line of defence – is fitting properly and able to provide the expected protection level. The fit test is a great opportunity to educate & empower workers to safeguard their health.’

Why is quantitative fit testing important?

Krista: ‘Quantitative fit testing takes the guess work out of the test. A qualitative fit test, which uses sweet or bitter solutions, relies on the participant’s sensitivity to these substances in order to determine the effectiveness of the seal, whereas a quantitative fit test eliminates any reliance on the participant. TSI’s PortaCount will compare the concentration of particles found inside the respirator to those found outside of the respirator.’

Why is RESP-FIT accreditation for RPE fit testing important?

Krista: ‘RESP-FIT is a national fit test accreditation program developed by the AIOH (Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists) to improve the quality of fit testing in Australia against both Australian and international standards.

The process involves a written exam as well as a video submission as evidence that your fit test method meets/exceeds the expectations set out in AS/NZS 1715:2009.

Using a RESP-FIT accredited fit tester ensures your team will be provided with training & education as part of the fit test.

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