Glencore’s commitment for a safer region

Glencore operates in many Australian regional communities and is committed to making a positive contribution in the areas in which they operate.

In Central Queensland, they continue this commitment to making the region a happy, healthy place to live and work by supporting RACQ CapRescue as a High-Altitude partner.

With the help of High-Altitude partners like Glencore, our life-saving service has completed over 340 rescues in the Central Highlands region over the past three years at an operational cost of $ 9.5 million.

RACQ CapRescue’s Operations Manager Kirsty Wooler said that inter-hospital transfers were the majority of these tasks, with the Rescue300 crew helping bridge the gap between regional areas and
more advanced health care.

“In addition, the helicopter may be required for other incidents such as farming, hiking or motor vehicle accidents. But it is our ability to reach remote work sites that is significant in our
partnership with Glencore.”

For Glencore, their first priority in the workplace is to protect the health and well-being of all employees and contractors.

As a result, they recognise the importance of training staff to identify, manage, mitigate and effectively deal with hazards that could cause harm.

In their support of RACQ CapRescue, Glencore emphasises these beliefs by channelling funds to train the crew that is taking to the sky daily to keep the people of Central Queensland safe.

The newest crewman of RACQ CapRescue, Ty Jackson, comments that water winching is by far his favourite, and he is eager to continue upskilling to become an integral member of the crew.

“Training is important for all aircrew members to iron out skills and techniques as well as to gain trust between the crew that is required in a high-risk environment.”

“Thanks to Glencore and their support of our training, we are able to assist the community when the need arises.”