National Volunteer Week 2024: Celebrating ‘Something for Everyone’

The theme for National Volunteer Week 2024 was ‘Something for Everyone,’ highlighting the diverse passions and talents that individuals bring to the act of volunteering. From 20th-26th May, communities across Australia came together and recognised the invaluable contributions of volunteers and inspired others to join the movement.

With the support of leading global mining and construction company Thiess, CapRescue has developed the StepUp volunteer program, now in its 7th year. This program embodies the spirit of ‘Something for Everyone,’ offering diverse opportunities for everyone to contribute their time and skills.

Whether it’s through volunteering time, skills, or resources, there is a role for everyone to play in supporting their communities and making a real difference.

Chris Bourke, General Manager Australia Operations said, “CapRescue provides such an important service to communities in Queensland. Thiess’ partnership with CapRescue to develop the StepUp volunteer program is reflective of our dedication to supporting the volunteers who willingly give up their time to support organisations such as CapRescue.”

In 2023 alone, StepUp CapRescue volunteers generously contributed over 1,050 hours, showcasing their dedication to our mission. With the continued support of Thiess, the StepUp program is poised to offer even more opportunities for individuals to get involved and create positive change.

To learn more about volunteering opportunities with CapRescue and Thiess, visit