CapRescue Q&A: Step-Up Volunteer

I’ve Stepped Up

Sue Neaton


Hi! When you’re not volunteering with RACQ CapRescue, what do you do?

For the last 10 years I’ve been an administrative officer with QLD Health. I’ve also worked for various doctors, in the mining industry and with the long-term unemployed.
I love helping people and being an active member of my community. In fact, I love this so much I’ve recently become a registered celebrant. It’s incredible being a part of someone’s life during the ‘big moments’. Naming ceremonies, marriages, vow renewals, funerals and all special occasions in between. I really want to help make those moments memorable for people.

And you still find time to volunteer?

Yes – like I said, I love participating in my community! Volunteering is a great way to do this. I’ve been with RACQ CapRescue for about 3 years. I’ve also volunteered with Cancer Council QLD since 1989, Toastmasters International for 5 years and CQ Rostrum Voice of Youth since 2017.

>And when colleagues at work hold fundraising events for their charities of choice, I’m always happy to lend my MC experience to the occasion.

What are some of the things you do with RACQ CapRescue?

I assist with registrations at Colour Me Capricorn and Glow Runs in Rockhampton and Gladstone. I also fill paint pots and throw colour powder about! If you go to the Boyne Tannum Hook Up, you’ll find me selling ducks and if you go to Camp Draft, at Paradise Lagoons, I’ll be on the gate collecting money. There’s really so much variety with what we do – selling merchandise, organising the logistics of holding events, hosting as the MC or educating the community. Most of all, I have fun!

What do you enjoy most about volunteering at RACQ CapRescue?

The people. The staff and volunteers are wonderful people. Also, I know I’m not a pilot or a medic and yet, through my volunteering, I can still help alleviate the pain and suffering of those that need urgent help.

What do you think RACQ CapRescue means to the community?

We’re a big region, we’re rural and we need a fast response. RACQ CapRescue offers hope to an ill or injured person because they’re getting the care they need as quickly and safely as humanly possible. The service offers peace to someone who is lost and scared but then hears the noise of the chopper overhead. It gives family members confidence because their loved ones are in professional caring hands. I don’t have a million dollars to give, I don’t have one hundred thousand dollars to give, but I do have a few hours every month to give. So I do my bit to raise money and awareness for this wonderful organisation. I’m passionate about helping the organisation do what it does best. Save lives. That’s what it means to me, that’s what it means to the community.