Rescue300 Member Spotlight | South Geldard Lawyers |

Based in Rockhampton, South Geldard Lawyers have been providing top quality legal advice to their clients for over fifty years. With experience in a wide range of legal areas, including property, finance, estates, litigation, family, commerce and business, their focus is on achieving the best outcome for you.

They regularly find, across all their practice areas that “being local” is a significant advantage in the provision of quality legal help. It is not uncommon for the law firm to be providing legal advice to successive generations of families. South Geldard Lawyers delivers on expertise and a proven track record of success.

We thank the team at South Geldard Lawyers for supporting #RACQ #CapRescue as a valued Rescue300 Member! Join the club that saves lives and the other Central Queensland Businesses keeping the community safe. Contact Kim – [email protected] about Rescue300 today.