Richglen Maintenance Services Make a Difference

With the End of Financial Year behind us, thinking about tax now seems unlikely. However, it is the perfect time to consider organising a regular payroll donation to maximise your return and your impact on supporting our life-saving service.

Companies like Richglen Maintenance Services have initiated workplace giving programs with RACQ CapRescue as a chosen beneficiary.

“We hoped to build on our company values and culture while supporting a vital service within our local community,” said Richglen Maintenance Services Managing Director Matt Borg.

“To show the commitment to our teams’ efforts and lead by example, we decided to match employee contributions, dollar for dollar, resulting in an outstanding $4,600 being donated to CapRescue.”

RACQ CapRescue Operations Manager Kirsty Wooler said that the management of Richglen Maintenance Services was clearly dedicated to their principles and working with their staff to create a strong sense of community.

“When the ideals behind two companies align, it makes it very easy to work together towards a common goal, in this case, making a difference and keeping Rescue300 in the air and Richglens’ staff and their families safe,” said Ms Wooler.

“We are very grateful for their generosity and for making RACQ CapRescue the recipient of the payroll program.”

For more information about how you or your company can also make a difference and be involved in Workplace giving, visit the website: