RACQ CapRescue makes a big difference in May

RACQ CapRescue continues to make a difference with a near-record month of Rescues in May

These are real lives and the Rescue300 crew are real heroes.

In May, RACQ CapRescue performed 48 tasks, with a near record number of hours in the air, costing over $1.2 million.

Just some of the rescues included a night vision search of a rural location south of Agnes Waters, a bull altercation in Baralaba, a motor vehicle accident south of Gladstone and more than 30 inter facility transfers throughout the region
from Dysart to Thangool.

We are grateful for the 60% in funding contributed by the Queensland Government. However, with estimated annual operating costs of $12 million, the remaining 40% must come from within our community to ensure we continue at no cost
to Queensland residents.

At $1.2 million, the May 2023 operational costs exceed the previous record from January 2023 of $1.1 million, the average number of tasks per day also continues to grow.

“When lives are at risk, Central Queensland can trust our crew to be there. The speed of response and capability to swiftly rescue and transport a patient can be the difference between life and death,” said Operations Manager Kirsty