CapRescue off to a flying start in 2023

RACQ CapRescue had very busy start to 2023. With 50 tasks and a significant amount of flight hours, the monthly operational costs were the highest in over a year.

In January, Central Queenslanders relied on the Rescue300 crew for access to advanced health care and so much more.

On January 12th RACQ CapRescue left the hangar tasked to a horse fall south of Theodore.

The patient, a man in his early 30s, was thrown from his horse whilst mustering on a property.

Queensland Ambulance Service was on scene treating for suspected chest and spinal injuries. Upon the arrival of Rescue300, the onboard Doctor and Critical Care Paramedic stabilised the patient in preparation for transport to Rockhampton hospital for further scans and treatment.

With a return flight time of just under 3 hours, the Rescue300 crew really makes a difference. Facing over 3 hours by road from the accident site to the hospital, RACQ CapRescue provides the fastest and most efficient means of assistance for those in remote areas.

Wet weather in January meant less then ideal road conditions with two families experiencing some distress when they were trapped in their car on a road between flooded areas. RACQ CapRescue, successfully completed the retrieval of nine people including five adults, a child and three infants. Transport to hospital by Rescue300 was not required with no injuries reported.

In the final days of the month, RACQ CapRescue continued to be busy, tasked to a property in the Bauhinia area to attend to a suspected snake bite. It was reported that a 2 -year-old was playing with his dog when he alerted his Mum that he had an injured leg. On inspection of the marks on the toddler, the mother applied effective first aid treatment for a snake bite. Queensland Ambulance Service road paramedics were on the scene upon arrival of Rescue300. It was determined that the child should be transported to Rockhampton Hospital by air for further assessment and treatment.

It is a reminder to all about the importance of First Aid, especially when in remote areas where help may be some distance away.