February 2024: A Remarkable Month for RACQ CapRescue

February 2024 stands out as one of the busiest months in the history of RACQ CapRescue. Typically, January takes the lead as the busiest month, but this year, February shattered records with unprecedented levels of activity. Throughout the month, our team faced an average daily demand of 1.8 rescues, surpassing the usual statistics of 1.4.

Our crew’s dedication was put to the test as they responded to a wide array of emergencies across Central Queensland. Incredibly 37 of the 53 tasks assigned to CapRescue were inter-facility transfers. In a month of only 29 days, this is well and truly a record.

The Rescue300 crew demonstrated an unwavering commitment to providing critical medical assistance to those in need. From respiratory and heart-related medical episodes to aiding infants in distress, our team remained steadfast in their mission to serve remote and rural communities. The scope of tasks undertaken in February was diverse, spanning from maritime to land-based emergencies.

A distress call from a sinking racing yacht on February 10th triggered an immediate response from our team. However, it was incidents on properties, including dirt bike accidents, encounters with cattle, and a harrowing ordeal involving a farmer trapped under a grain silo, that dominated our flight schedule.

This final mission became one of our most marked of the month when RACQ CapRescue was dispatched to a property in Springsure to assist the man in his 40s who had become trapped. The severity of the situation required the combined efforts of multiple emergency service personnel, who worked tirelessly to extricate the man from his predicament. Upon arrival, our Rescue300 medical team provided critical care to the patient, who was suffering from suspected crush injuries to the lower body. Following stabilisation, he was airlifted to Rockhampton Hospital for further evaluation and treatment.

As the demand for our life-saving services continues to rise, so do the associated costs. While we are grateful for the funding we receive, each mission has financial implications for our organisation. We rely on the generosity of our community to support our efforts in providing timely and effective medical assistance to those in need.

Whether you’re interested in participating in events like Colour Me Capricorn, partnering with us through corporate sponsorship, fundraising on our behalf, or sharing your own rescue story, we invite you to join the RACQ CapRescue family and help us continue making a difference.

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