CapRescue – Tale of Hope and Recovery

On the afternoon of January 12th 2024, Narelle Hinz faced a life-altering accident, which was a reminder of how quickly things can change.

Performing her usual duties on her property, Narelle experienced a serious incident in the cattle yards, resulting in a severely lacerated lower right arm. Little did she know that the swift response of the CapRescue crew would become a crucial chapter in her journey to recovery.

The rural property at Dalma became the stage for a coordinated effort between the local Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) personnel and the aeromedical helicopter. Despite the challenges posed by the remote location, the QAS team, having arrived prior to the helicopter, quickly assessed Narelle’s condition, and administered crucial pain relief and applied immediate first aid to her arm.

The seamless collaboration between the ambulance and rescue teams began as Rescue300 touched down. Narelle recalls the professionalism of the transfer, expressing gratitude for the speed and precision with which she was safely moved into the helicopter to be flown to the Rockhampton Hospital for immediate care.

“The transition was very professional, and I felt at ease having such a fantastic team making decisions and completely taking care of me.”

The trauma of the incident was compounded by a common problem in remote areas: the difficulty of contacting emergency services. It served as a stark reminder of life’s unpredictability, emphasizing how an accident can affect the individual and their entire support network.

In the aftermath, Narelle faced the tough road to recovery. However, she considers herself fortunate to have received care from an exceptional trauma orthopedic surgeon. The absence of infection was a relief, and while the journey to full recovery continues, Narelle is grateful for CapRescue’s rapid response and support.

”I still have recovery time ahead of me, but I am counting my blessings on how lucky I was to receive such a quick response from the amazing CapRescue Team.”

Then asked about her support for the service that came to her aid, Narelle enthusiastically acknowledges her commitment. Her family has made and will continue to make cash donations and actively participate in fundraising events.

Foremost, the Hinz family want to help raise awareness about the invaluable role played by CapRescue.

“The public need to be aware of what an important service you provide.”

As Narelle continues her journey towards recovery, her real story stands as a testament to the swift and effective response of the Rescue300 crew, ensuring that even in the face of adversity, hope and assistance are just a helicopter flight away.