No holiday break for CapRescue crew

While many businesses and organisations shut down to spend time with family and friends, the RACQ CapRescue crew remained on duty to provide emergency aeromedical services to Central Queensland. In the holiday period of December 22 to January 8, lives were saved, and critical care was provided to those in need. Here’s a wrap-up of the missions carried out by Rescue300 during this time.

Tasks began straight away on December 22, with a Primary Motor Vehicle Accident (PMVA) near Duaringa. A woman in her 40s and a man in his late teens were driving an ATV on an unsealed road when it overturned, causing the woman to be ejected from the vehicle with it coming to rest on top of her. The woman suffered suspected spinal and head injuries with some cuts and abrasions, while the other occupant received minor injuries. The onboard Doctor and Critical Care Paramedic stabilised the woman for the flight back to Rockhampton, where she was transferred for immediate transport to Brisbane.

On December 27, in consultation with Queensland Ambulance Service personnel, RACQ CapRescue met a road ambulance near Clarke Creek to cross-load a patient who needed urgent specialist care after having a severe medical episode. Rescue300 landed on the western side of Broadsound Range on the Marlborough/Sarina Rd, where the medical crew assessed and stabilised the patient, who was then air-lifted to Rockhampton Hospital for specialist care.

Late on the afternoon of December 28, RACQ CapRescue was tasked with a Primary mission to a bulk carrier vessel anchored off Gladstone Harbour. Initial reports indicated that a male patient in his forties was suffering from an undiagnosed condition requiring immediate evacuation and medical treatment. Rescue300 could safely land on the vessel, and the medical team stabilised the patient for air transport to Rockhampton Hospital.

Early on December 31, RACQ CapRescue was again tasked to conduct a Primary mission to a bulk carrier vessel anchored off Gladstone Harbour. A crew member aged in his thirties had suffered a medical episode and required urgent assistance. Due to the man’s deteriorating condition, Rescue300 used a stretcher winch technique to transfer the patient onto the aircraft. He was then transported to Rockhampton Hospital in a serious condition.

Late on January 7, 2024, RACQ CapRescue was tasked to the scene of a PMVA approximately 45 miles southwest of Rockhampton on the Capricorn Highway. It is believed that a vehicle with a single occupant lost control and exited the highway at high speed, causing the car to roll several times. Emergency services were called to the scene after other road users discovered the incident. Upon arrival of Rescue300, a male patient was treated for suspected spinal and head injuries requiring advanced medical treatment at the site of the accident. He was flown to Rockhampton Hospital in a serious condition.

In addition to these lifesaving missions, the RACQ CapRescue crew performed 15 critical interhospital transfers, with the total cost of the period coming to over $470,000. We are proud of our team’s unwavering commitment to our region during the holiday season. Their dedication and hard work saved lives and helped those in need.