Glencore Support Goes Sky High

Prior to the arrival of our new and long-awaited aircraft, the Rescue300 crew underwent extensive training in preparation for the AW139 going into operation this past July. Rockhampton and Yeppoon residents were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it flying overhead as the crew set out of their daily training activities.

Senior Aircrew and Check and Trainer Officer, Patrick Norton says Rescue300 crew have undergone extensive training in order to become proficient on the new aircraft.

“Cabin crew have completed up to 12 hours of front and rear flight training in order to convert from the Bell 412 to the new AW139.

“Two days of ground theory was conducted involving aircraft systems, winch and front left seat procedures. Each crewman underwent several hours of simulation training prior to the arrival of the aircraft.” Mr Norton said.

Of course, with training exercises comes the inevitable need for support from our corporate partnership with Glencore.

Glencore’s main focus for their support of the service is heavily based on providing the necessary requirements to allow the crew to perform training exercises. Just another way to ensure they keep their CQ worker’s and all communities within, safe!

CapRescue’s rescue crew performed various training exercises throughout this year in order to continue to ensure their currency is completely up to date. These vital exercises are performed in our hangar, on the airfield of Rockhampton Airport, as well as in conjunction with the Yeppoon Coast Guard at Wreck Point, Yeppoon.

Rescue Crew Officer, Cameron Fewtrell says the support received from Glencore has been unwavering and essential for the service.

“The support we receive from Glencore is vital and so significant because it allows us prepare for these real-life scenarios and we can get people out of dire situations swiftly and safely. Situations that otherwise they could potentially die in.”

CapRescue wishes to thank Glencore for their continued support of the Service. It is a result of our long-term partnership that has allowed Glencore to play an integral role in the operation of CapRescue for many years. We thank Glencore for their contribution to saving the lives of Central Queenslanders and look forward to the future between our two organisations.