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“Genuinely making a difference to someone in need is very fulfilling. RACQ CapRescue provides an invaluable and life-saving service. Knowing that our service has made a real difference in a person’s life is the most rewarding aspect” – Jake Moore, Pilot/Base Manager.


Let’s keep it real, RACQ CapRescue makes a real difference by providing the fastest and most efficient means of rapid deployment of medical and rescue teams to major accidents, incidents, inter-hospital transfers, counter disaster and search and rescue missions.

These are real lives. They are real heroes. And you can make a real difference today by donating to the CapRescue Annual Appeal.

Help our crew continue their lifesaving service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – at no cost to the patient.


“The fact that we never know what is going to happen when the phone rings is what I love about my job. Although every day and every job is something different, I know that each task provides a real life-saving difference to my community” – Mitch Vernon, Senior Pilot.


Since commencing operations in 1996 RACQ CapRescue have performed over 9000 rescues, and their average daily tasks continue to grow. They are grateful to receive some of their funding from the Queensland Government, however, with annual operating costs projected at over $11.6 million annually, they really need the help of the communities right across their 350,000km2 coverage area.

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