Workplace Giving

Make a difference to someone’s life by joining CapRescue’s Workplace Giving Program.


Highly experienced flight and medical crews are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The demand for our services goes up every year and as a community helicopter rescue provider we rely on donations to raise essential funds.

StepUp Workplace Giving is a payroll contribution program that gives you the opportunity to have a positive and lasting impact in your local community.

Donations are deducted each pay period directly from your salary. Just work out how much you’d like to contribute, let your payroll department know and get started.

To launch your giving straight away simply send us an enquiry online (select Workplace Giving from the drop down menu) or download and print our Workplace Giving form for your HR team.



If you’re a payroll officer, this is how it works.


  1. Set up Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service on your payroll for employees to contribute.
  2. Ask employees to complete our Step Up Deduction Authority. This gives information on the amount to be remitted and provides written authority for contributions to be made.
  3. Set up the contribution in your payroll and remit the funds to Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service.
  4. At the EOFY, we provide tax-deductible receipts for all your employees (if their contributions don’t show on payment summaries).

What are the benefits for your business?

  • Pride – Put our logo on your website as a visible demonstration of your support for an essential Central QLD service.
  • Recognition – Participants in our StepUp Workplace Giving Program are listed on our website.
  • Community – Support your local life-saving helicopter rescue service by matching or even double matching employee contributions.
  • Reputation – New research indicates that young job seekers are up to 59% more likely to seek out employment opportunities with companies that make a significant contribution to charity. Donating helps you become an employer of choice.
  • Engagement – Contributing to charity brings teams together and this increased staff engagement will reduce your turnover rate and recruitment costs.

What are the benefits for employees?

  • Connection – Donating is a simple and effective way to support your local life-saving rescue service.
  • Save – Donations are made from pre-tax salary. This results in employees paying less tax on their income and saving money.
  • Celebration – At the EOFY we distribute the total donations from your workplace. Knowing what a difference their collective donations have made is definitely a good reason to celebrate!

What are the benefits for CapRescue?

  • Fly – Our monthly operating costs are over $850,000 and we need to raise 40% of this. Help keep our vital life saving service in the air and free to the people of Central Queensland.
  • Reach – By adopting our StepUp Workplace Giving Program, your business can help us promote our brand and increase our marketing reach. The result? We can help those who need it most.


Click here to download a copy of our StepUp Deduction Authority and start donating today!

Think about what you're really saving

We would love to discuss the StepUp Workplace Giving Program with you and your staff at a time that suits you. Contact Tanya Cullen on 07 4922 9093 or [email protected] to arrange a time.